#1 Myth About Making A Living In Music

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This is what people say: “It’s so difficult in music that only the best of the best can earn a living.”

Is making it in music tough?

Yes, but I find that people tend to make things harder on themselves than they need to.

Often people try career strategies that might have worked for the industry about ten years ago, and when they see the small results, they give up altogether.

You can’t use what worked 25 years ago and expect to see the same (or any) results today. Things change, you have to adapt.

You can’t cater to a market that doesn’t exist. That’s like using your throwback thursday pic on your current dating profile:



These are new times and believe it or not, it is easier now than ever before to be in control of your success in this industry.

We’re all aware of one-hit wonders and acts that have been signed to big labels and then get dropped. Years pass, and you wonder, “what happened to those guys?” So, you do a Google search, you find them online and notice they sound exactly the same as they did during the time they were dropped.

Most of the time they try to pick up where they left off and the result is music that is totally disconnected from the market — just no relevancy whatsoever.

You have to adapt not just in terms of your art but in also your career.

If touring is what you love, but you’re not successful with it, that might not be your calling. Some people are great songwriters, but suck as performing artists and vice versa.

So continue making music, adapt, and see where you fit in.  If you need help go through our Beat Academy Online Bootcamp or get some of our professional coaching.