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the music careers of artists, djs, and music producers.


  • Are you ready to turn your music passion into a real source of income?
  • Are you interested in learning the keys to leaving your 9-to-5 job behind and producing music full time?
  • Are you ready to side-step the mountain of debt that comes with going to a full time school and find the professional mentorship that would take years to find alone?


"...ill Factor's tips have helped me go from our studio "runner", to now engineering for A-List artists such as Kelly Rowland, Sean Paul to name a few...."

Beau Vallis, Artist & Engineer for Kelly Rowland

"With ill Factor coaching I was able to take my Dj career to the next level"

Nikko Calor, DJ and Artist

"ill Factor created a strategy to help me get my tracks noticed and build a fanbase. Now 22,000 downloads in a month--The results and growth have been unbelievable."

Adam Foster, DJ & Artist



Starting with a dream...

I, like you, grew up with a passion for music and dreamed about making my own music for years and years. Problem was, nothing seemed to pan out. I didn’t know anybody, songs didn’t come out sounding the way I wanted…. and frankly I was tired of the grind.

Still I knew the dream was there. Every day I woke up and it seemed like a mirage in the distance, unattainable. Friends would ask me, “Oh how’s that album doing?” And with a wistful gaze I would say “Yea, you know I’m getting it out there.”   The half-hearted smile didn’t fool anybody.

Then Everything Changed.

And so for YEARS I had been talking about finding my big break but I didn’t know how to do it. Now, I want to tell you what I did and what I learned. Did I go $40K into debt like my friends did going to technical schools? No. I’m sure college parties would’ve been a lot of fun but I doubt they would have been $40,000 worth of fun to me.

No, what happened to me was that I got coaching from a professional producer. I met Jimmy Douglass, who worked with everyone from Arethra Franklin to the Rolling Stones to Jay-Z.  He showed me how to get things to sound the way I wanted…and more importantly, how to make a living in music, not just do it as a hobby.

Today I realize how important that coaching was to my career. My only wish was that I could have found it sooner, but back then there wasn’t a way to just meet someone working with big names in music. For most people it’s still a very difficult thing to do.

But now, for those like me I’ve created a shortcut...

And that shortcut can help you...

  • Realize your dream of making music.
  • Learn how to make a living from it so that you can ditch your 9 to 5 and pursue your passion full time.
  • And get the coaching you need from an experienced, Grammy nominated music producer like I did.

Imagine This...

I’ve spent the last couple years putting together this music producer bootcamp.

I took everything I learned and condensed it into an 8 month course. I simplified it down. I amplified the focus on the career because the goal is to make a living with your passion. I brought in guest speakers who are earning a living making music too. And what I’ve done is put together a coaching program that will move you closer to your goals.

No Tricks...

Will it guarantee you produce the next smash hit single? Of course not. If you want someone to guarantee success, then meet Jay-Z at a party and convince him to write your next song. But for me, I wanted to know how to produce my own music, how to make a living doing it and have coaching from someone who’s done it.

So I’d like to invite you to join this music producer bootcamp. Now do you have to? No, you could wait years to finally meet someone in the business like I did.

Or, you could spend $40K on a technical school that doesn’t teach anything on the business side. That student loan paid back over 5 years comes out $740/month. And that’s 60 payments!

Or you could keep trying to learn through youtube videos and handing out your mix tapes to your friends and family. Maybe that will work for you...

But ask yourself this...

...And be very honest: Have you been talking about your passion for music for years and things still have panned out? If so, it’s time to make a change.

You don’t need an expensive associates degree. What you need is coaching from a professional music producer and THAT is what we’re offering. Let me take the best of what I know as an experienced producer and help you make the music that’s inside of you, give you the coaching you need, and help you stop putting that dream off until tomorrow and start working on it today.

Want to Know More About Music Production Bootcamp?

Music Production Bootcamp is a step-by-step process that creates and develops the skills you need to produce your own music.  Starting from the building blocks of Music Theory, Mixing & Mastering, Sound Design, Songwriting, Arrangement, Ableton Live, Dj and Live performance, to artist development.

You'll learn it all.  Receive the full in-depth training and guidance of an experienced professional tailored around your schedule and pace.

Coaching From A Grammy Nominated Producer. Past Projects Include...

How does Music Production Boot Camp work?

Your Music Career will Get JUMPSTARTED with Modules  of video coaching on everything from Music Production to money making strategies.  You don't just learn the technical but the Business Secrets of the Music Industry. All this from the comfort of your own home.

In This Course You Will Learn:

  • How to Make a Living In Music Today: All of My Business Secrets For Financial Success
  • How to Market Yourself as an Artist and Establish Yourself with a Clear Vision
  • How to Create Any Sound from Scratch; Professional Level Sound Design Instruction
  • How to Mix and Master Your Songs to Make them Sound Radio Ready. You'll learn mixing from top to bottom.
  • How to Master Ableton Live and Optimize it for Your Workflow
  • How to Turn Your 8 Bar Loops Into Fully Finished and Arranged Songs
  • How to Take the Fundamentals and Shortcut Your Production Time
  • How to Find your Music Identity: Become the Artist you want to be, or develop an artist and learn how to help others do it (how to get your music heard, and in the hands of your fans).

Check out what others are saying about this course

Grammy Award Winning & Celebrity Music Producer Danja Handz aka Nate Hills shares his coaching experience:

Is Music Production Boot Camp Right For Me?  Do you...

  • Want To Learn the Business Secrets of making it in the music industry?
  • Want to stop struggling on your own to find your sound or vision for making a successful career in music?
  • Want to learn not just the “how to’s” but truly understand why and when to use the tools for mastering your craft?
  • Want to Master Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering, Songwriting & Arranging, Artist development?
  • Want to stop stumbling through your software environments in order to produce the music your passionate about making?
  • Want to create your own unique sound as well build an amazing work flow?
  • Want to set the pace of your learning from an industry Professional so you can focus on what it is you really want to accomplish in your music production?
Launch Your Music Career For Only $2,597 3 installments of $199
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This Is What People Say...

Dave Hill Jr, Managerial Director of Ableton Inc.

“Ill Factor gives a great workshop. He focuses on the Live’s ability to quickly create music and capture inspiration. He starts with nothing and builds a musical track in a just a few minutes. He’s a natural teacher and musician all at once.”

Romain Fautre, Dj

“I took this course with very little knowledge of music and production. I learned many things and I am able to complete full songs today. I can say I have taken my music production to the next level after this course and I encourage anyone of any level to take the course for a better understanding of music and producing”.

Adam Foster, Dj & Artist

"Since working one on one with Ivan, he has helped me get my projects organized, finished, mastered and out into the world. For any producer, thats the hardest part- but that's only half the battle. People still need to hear what you made. So we've created a strategy for getting the tracks noticed and building a fanbase. The results and growth have been great so far."

Beau Vallis, Artist & Engineer for Kelly Rowland

"...While working with iLL Factor, I've been able to learn key essentials when it comes to the music creation process, and even the business. His tips have helped me go from our studio "runner", to now engineering for A-List artists such as Kelly Rowland, Sean Paul to name a few...."

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Music Production Boot Camp cost?

The Music Production Boot Camp is normally $2,597 but right now we're running a launch special.  So you get the coaching for just 3 installments of $199

Know anywhere else you can get coaching from a Grammy nominated producer for less than a two hundred bucks a month?  Good luck.

How do I receive the coaching and resources?

Once you join the Music Production Boot Camp, you’re given access to our membership site where we deliver the content. You’ll receive the coaching and resources all through the membership site.

Check Out Our 31-Point FAQAll of your questions... answered.

How does the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Work?

This is not a situation where you sign up for something, miss half the sessions, then ask for a refund and get it. Your local community college doesn’t offer that deal and I don’t either. The deal is, you watch each coaching session and you implement what we teach you.

Refunds are for those rare cases (and they are very rare) when for some crazy reason, someone doesn’t doesn’t see results after applying the entire course. We don’t claim to know everything, and we can’t fix everyone's problem. But as you can see from the testimonials, we’ve got a lot of really happy artists and music producers who have been coached by us. If you’re willing to do the work, we’re willing to guide you.

You can cancel your membership at any time. However, refunds are only available to those who have completed the program, implemented the coaching, and didn’t see results.

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