Live Events

Beat Academy is based out of Miami Florida which has become the hot spot for world renowned Djs, and artists to perform and produce.  Below you will find some of the Live Events we offer to provide the hands on, and face-to-face coaching you need.

Don't like the internet? Then come down to Miami and let's make some awesome music together!

Music Production Bootcamp

This Live course is a step-by-step process on learning how to create and develop the skills you need to produce your own music. Starting from the building blocks of Music Theory; Mixing & Mastering, Sound Design, Songwriting, Arrangement, Ableton Live, Live DJ performance, and artist development.  Receive the full in-depth training and guidance of an experienced professional tailored around your schedule and pace.

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Mastermind Group Sessions

Join a network of like-minded artists who are helping each other reach their personal goals in music production. The Beat Academy, offers private coaching programs: One, is the Mastermind Group, which is a group of approximately 5 to 8 people that meets LIVE each month for an afternoon to work exclusively on the each members topics of discussion.

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Meet Ups and Workshops

Our weekend workshops provide a great insight to whats currently working in the industry and what are other professionals in the industry are doing to create success in their field.

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