Finally, A Proven Step-By-Step Formula for Effectively Marketing Your Music.


  • Are you ready to turn your music passion into a real source of income?
  • Are you Interested in building a Fanbase that will Support You and Your Music?
  • Want to avoid the BIG Mistakes other artist, Djs, and Musicians are making when Marketing their music?

If you are, then I'm excited to announce A NEW COURSE THAT'S BEEN YEARS IN THE MAKING.

All the Exposure, Promo, and Followers on your Twitter account won't help your career one bit. Why?

  • It's NOT because your music sucks.
  • It's NOT because people are just streaming music on youtube for free.
  • And it’s NOT because you don't have a Major Label Deal or a placement in a big Movie or Video game.
  • Its NOT because you do not have a huge budget to spend on marketing.
  • And NO! It’s not because you don’t have the perfect Manager...


At the end of the day it comes down to NOT having the right Strategy in place.

Imagine This...

You have just spent months, of your time, blood, sweat, and tears into your music.  Getting it to sound just right, laboring over the smallest detail.  And now here comes the moment of truth, that moment you release your precious creative message with the world, You Play out at live events, shows, and hustle your butt off maybe even hired a promo team or publicists only to have it fall flat on its face.

I know exactly how that feels and how frustrating it can be, so I want to share from my years of experience how to avoid that happening again.

How Everything Can Change

I spent the past sixteen years producing music for a living working with Major recordings artist like Sia, Kelly Rowland, Timbaland, KYGO, and more and what I have noticed is that the major artist really leave it up to the record label to handle their marketing, which means the Major Record Labels are still running on an old useless system.


The problem with the current state of Major record Label Marketing is that it puts all of the burden on the consumer. You’re not actually “selling” at all. That’s not a business model. That’s just sort of chaos and hope.

However, what I’ve been focusing on is creating a systematic approach to selling music. In other words you build a system… And when I say system I’m talking about a proven online strategy to cultivate your tribe of fans – to build a relationship with these new fans and ultimately to get them off the fence and to buy your music.

Listen To What People Are Saying...

"...ill Factor's tips have helped me go from our studio "runner", to now engineering for A-List artists such as Kelly Rowland, Sean Paul to name a few...."

Beau Vallis, Artist & Engineer for Kelly Rowland

"With ill Factor coaching I was able to take my Dj career to the next level"

Nikko Calor, DJ and Artist

"ill Factor created a strategy to help me get my tracks noticed and build a fanbase. Now 22,000 downloads in a month--The results and growth have been unbelievable."

Adam Foster, DJ & Artist

Our Music Marketing Mastery Program Will Guide You Through...

  • Step by Step Walkthrough on how to put the right Marketing System in place. Building your Fan Funnel from the ground up!
  • How to Correctly Find your Niche Market.
  • How to Properly Setup your Online Fan Funnel and Build Fan loyalty.
  • How to Monetize your Automated Online System.
  • Templates and Resources for how to Market to your Audience
  • Content Creation that will Engage your New Found Audience.

Check Out What Others Are Saying About Us...

Grammy Award Winning & Celebrity Music Producer Danja Handz aka Nate Hills shares his coaching experience:

So what’s the benefit in taking the Music Marketing Mastery?

  • Creating a Successful Business Model with Your Music.
  • No Longer Struggling On Your Own to Find a Bigger Audience.
  • Increase Your Sales.
Music Marketing Mastery Program for $347.00 Now for $97.00
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Music Marketing Mastery Cost?

Music Marketing Mastery is now $97.00.  This investment will save you thousands of dollars and tons of time wasted on marketing techniques that don't work.  It's about building your tribe of loyal fans and monetizing your efforts.

How do I receive the program and resources?

Once you purchase Music Marketing Mastery, you’re given access to our membership site where we deliver the content.

How profitable is this method of doing business?

The beautiful thing about this approach I teach is that it has HUGE potential for profitability because it is SCALABLE.  That means that the effort you use to reach, nurture and sell to your fan base is the same whether you have 1 fan or 1 million.

Where should my music be to make this work?

This resource is a strategy for selling your music that's already at a professional level.  If your music is not there yet, that's ok.  You can still get the course and prepare your system to be ready while you're working on your music as well.

However, if you're looking for coaching to make professional level music for your fans then I would suggest checking out my Music Production Bootcamp.  This resource is strictly about the business side of things.

Can I get a discount?

Sorry, no, but we do run specials on products like this one.  So keep an eye on your emails for when we do.

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