Music Mastery Program

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    Professional Music Strategy Session

    Strategize the next steps in your music career with a professional who knows what works and what doesn't. Talk through song choice, development, branding, and sound. The most important step is determining what steps to take next. The wisest decision you can make is do this with someone who's been there and can walk you through it.

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    Live 1-on-1, Music Coaching Sessions

    Once we determine with you what your next steps are, you will get 1-on-1 coaching that takes you through song development to help you achieve a radio-ready sound. This is 3 day-long sessions where the rubber meets the road and you achieve your music production goals. Want someone to hold your feet to the fire and get things done? We make sure you get the job done with these sessions and produce music with a professional level sound.

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    All of Our Online Training Materials...

    We give you access to all of our online coaching materials to help you continue to develop your music production skills. Our training covers topics such as Music Theory, Song-Writing & Arrangement, Mixing, Mastering, and Sound Design. No producer can truly reach their potential until they have understood these essentials. We give it to you as part of our all around coaching experience.

See What Other People Say about Us

Grammy Award Celebrity Music producer Danja Handz shares his experience

Our 3 month program will guide you through the following

  • Achieve your music production goals with live 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Don't just dream about making great music. Do it.
  • Strategizing your best next steps with Grammy Nominated Music Producer to take your career to a new level. Talk through your sound, your identity, and the songs that will take you there.
  • Synthesis & Sound Design: You will learn how to understand and manipulate synths, while creating your own synth patches from scratch. Covering synths such as (Massive, FM8, Sylnth, & amp plus more). This is more than just watching someone tweak synths to produce a certain sound, this is fully understanding how synthesis works so you can craft the sound you're looking for on your own.
  • Song Writing & Arrangement: Turn your 8 Bar loops into full finished and arranged songs.
  • Mixing & Mastering: Get your songs, and tracks sounding radio ready and discover the tools your need to get your mixes sounding right.
  • Find your Identity: Become the artist, or develop an artist and learn just how to get your music heard, and in the hands of your fans.
  • Remix Essentials Project: You will create and finish a Remix as a course project.
  • Vision,Market, & Career: Beat Academy now has a joint venture with Miami’s finest marketing firms to help you cast vision, and make your hobby for making music into a career. We do this while helping you develop the skills and market strategy that will help launch your career. Whether you're an artist or interested in producing for other artists this part of the Beat Academy Course will be a huge asset to your experience. The value alone from just this portion of the course is more than $4000.00 and will be included when you register.
  • Ableton Live Master Program - Learn Ableton Live from top to bottom

Here's what some have said about our coaching...

Adam Foster, Dj & Artist

"Since working one on one with Ivan, he has helped me get my projects organized, finished, mastered and out into the world. For any producer, thats the hardest part- but that's only half the battle. People still need to hear what you made. So we've created a strategy for getting the tracks noticed and building a fanbase. The results and growth have been great so far."

Beau Vallis, Artist, & Engineer for Kelly Rowland

"...While working with iLL Factor, I've been able to learn key essentials when it comes to the music creation process, and even the business. His tips have helped me go from our studio "runner", to now engineering for A-List artists such as Kelly Rowland, Sean Paul to name a few...."

So what’s the benefit in doing the Music Mastery Program?


  • 1-1 Coaching Sessions with a Grammy Nominated Producer who walks you through your music production
  • A Strategy Session and 3 follow-up calls to plan out and track your next steps and optimize your music  goals
  • Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering, Songwriting & Arranging, Artist development, Brand Marketing, Career coaching while teaching you the ins and out of Ableton Live 9.
  • No longer stumble through learning your software environments in order to produce the music your passionate about making.
  • No longer struggling on your own to find your sound or vision for making a successful career in music.
  • Don’t just learn the “how to’s” but truly understand why and when to use the tools for mastering your craft.
  • Building a strong foundation in sound design, to create your own unique sound as well build an amazing work flow.
  • You set the pace of your learning, you are working along side an industry Professional so you get to focus on what it is you really want to accomplish in your music production.


Romain Fautre, Artist & Dj Mad Decent

I took Beat Academy training with very little knowledge of music and production. I learned many things and I am able to complete full songs today. I can say I have taken my music production to the next level after this training and I encourage anyone of any level to take the course for a better understanding of music and producing”.

Dave hill Jr, Dave Hill Jr, Managerial Director of Ableton Inc.

“Ill Factor gives a great training. He focuses on the Live’s ability to quickly create music and capture inspiration. He starts with nothing and builds a musical track in a just a few minutes. He’s a natural teacher and musician all at once.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Music Mastery Program cost?

This Live 1-on1 coaching experience is our most effective training.  While Grammy Nominated Music Producers charge over $10,000 for individual sessions, you get the live coaching sessions, the strategy session and calls, plus all of our online training (alone a $3500 Value) for only $8,750 $6,135.

How Much Training do I get?

You get 1 live strategy session, 3 follow up calls to answer questions and track progress, 3 day-long 1-on-1 music production sessions where we refine what you've done and make it sound radio ready, and you get access to all of our online training.  All of this is with a professional Grammy Nominated music producer.

Will this work for me?

Wherever you are in your music production career we are going to walk with you through your next steps.  Whether you're a veteran who wants to hone your sound or a newbie who wants to learn all the ropes, our training is going to get you sounding radio ready.

We've helped artists, djs, and music producers in all different genres of music achieve the sound they're looking for and take the tangible next steps in their music career.  Stop dreaming about making music and do it with the confidence that a professional walking with you provides.  We know what we're doing and we can help your music career.


Now is your chance to take your music production seriously.  Don't put off your dream any longer...