What I learned from the CEO of BMG Music…

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It’s crazy how one conversation can change everything.

I was talking to Zach Katz awhile back (currently the CEO of BMG Music–it’s good to be the king!) and he said something to me that helped propel my career in music production to another level.

It was simple but so true…he said:

Zach Katz“Gone are the days of just showing people tracks and beats. Today you need top notch great songs and not just album filling tracks!”

This truly resonated with me and completely changed how I presented my material to anyone and everyone.

It ended up being one of the keys to me landing more and more tracks with amazing artists.

From then on I only presented finished songs, not just beats and I had industry professionals interested in the same stuff that I had presented to them as beat only months before.

And I owe it all to one conversation.

Since then, I’ve had hundreds of inspiring talks with artists and executives of different backgrounds.  And here’s the cool thing: each one has just helped me get that much farther.

That’s why one of the things I offer aspiring artists, djs and producers is a 1-on-1 strategy session (over the phone or online) where we break down where you are in your career, what your challenges are, and what are your most vital steps ahead.

I love doing this because so often it’s like giving that final number to a combination lock and Boom the doors of opportunity fly open for an artist who’s been doing so much right already.

Sometimes you just need that right piece of guidance from someone with experience.

Maybe that’s you.

Maybe you just need some strategic experience to take your music career to another level.

If it is, sign up today for your strategy session and I will help you navigate the next steps in your music career.