Yoda’s Rules for being a Jedi Music Producer

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I grew up watching Star Wars…and I gotta say, Yoda is wisest little dude in the universe.


I say this because his wisdom transcends fantasy and tells us truths about making it in music today.

The following are Yoda’s Rules for Being a Jedi Music Producer:

1) The Force Is Strong With This One…

Music isn’t for the faint of heart.  It’s gotta be in your bones.  It’s gotta be your passion.  If it isn’t, then you weren’t born with the force. If it is, then deep down that’s who you are. If you deny it or put it off you’re only hurting yourself.

2) Don’t Succumb To The Dark Side…

At first it’s all about the music and making enough just to do what you love full time.  Some cross that line and just keep going.  All they want is money.  Next thing you know, you’re Darth Vader hunting your own son and blowing up planets.  Don’t go to the dark side.

3) Believe In Yourself

So many people see other artists, djs, and music producers make big hits and they’re like Luke Skywalker saying “I don’t believe it…”


Notice Yoda’s response: “That is why you fail.”  Believe in yourself and your music.  Remember: “Do or do not.  There is no try.”

4) Come My Young Padiwan…

If you want pull off jedi tricks with your music  and in your career, then you need coaching from someone who’s been there professionally.  You need a Jedi Master.

If you know someone that will take you on, do whatever it takes.  Get their coffee, do the laundry, etc.  However, if you don’t know anyone Beat Academy has Grammy Nominated Jedi Masters here to help you.  Don’t try to learn the ways of the force on your own.  Get the mentorship you need to succeed. 

And Then The Force Be With You…Always

-ill Factor